Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Prizes for Thunder

Thunder won a prize package from Sparkle the Design Cat! You can visit her blog, here. We were so excited when the package came to our door. In it, we found cat food, toys, a litter scooper, cat treats and a Glogirly Bell. I was particularly excited about the bell, because we follow the Glogirly blog. We love hearing about the adventures of Katie and her nemesis Waffles. In fact, I just love cat blogs in general. I don’t know many people, personally, that adore their cats like Ellen and I adore ours, so it is refreshing to read that we aren’t alone. Other people delight in their cats just like we do!

Back to our prize package. It included 3 cans Friskies Rise & Shine Savory Salmon & Egg Scramble. Thunder, one of the most finicky cats I have ever encountered when it comes to canned food, thought it was gross. He took one sniff of it and ran away. Maggie liked it very much.

I was a little worried about whether he would like the six cans of Fancy Feast Delights Chicken & Cheddar Cheese Feast. I have tried Fancy Feast before, and he always sticks his nose up in the air. Maggie likes Fancy Feast. Fortunately, it was pate. He prefers pate, but he also prefers seafood, and this was chicken. Well, he loved it! We had success.

He thought the toy was fun, but not that much fun. It is going to go into the catnip jar. He will like it very much when it comes out.

He was totally unimpressed with the litter scooper, but I liked it.

Now, here is the best part. There was a package of Science Diet Crunchy Creations cat treats. Thunder is finicky treat eater, too. I use his treats for hide and seek, clicker training and as treats for teeth brushing. Sometimes he eats them and sometimes he doesn’t.

These treats were too big for clicker treats and were too hard to break in half. Big treats fill up his belly too fast, and so it cuts the training session short.

He did seem to like them a lot, so decided to use them for his dental rewards. I brush his teeth every morning and give him 3 treats when we are done. Sometimes he can be stubborn—refusing to come down from his tower or hiding under chairs or scooting away as I reach for him. Once I catch him, I pet him, he lays down flat, I give him lots of pets and cuddles, brush his teeth, give him treats and we are done. (I brush Maggie’s teeth, too, but dogs are easy.)

On the second morning, he started crying for attention while I was still eating breakfast. I would go talk to him, go back to my breakfast and he would start up again. This is nothing new. I seldom get through a meal without him interrupting me. Yet, he seemed very persistent. Once I brushed his teeth, he quieted down.

This happened a few days before I made the connection. He wanted me to brush his teeth so he could have his new treats! Since then, he has come running when he hears the package—something he has never done before. A few times, he laid down for me to brush his teeth without me placing him down. He is particularly cooperative, too. These treats are great! They are making our least favorite part of the day a favorite part of the day. I must get more!!!

Thank you Sparkle!

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achieve1dream said...

I'm beginning to notice a pattern with myself.... for some reason I stop reading blogs in May lol. Must be all than enticing summer sun. Anyway I'm back and getting caught up so I'm not commenting on every post like I normally do, but I had to comment on this one. That is so awesome that Thunder is asking to have his teeth done! Those treats must be amazing lol. :)