Monday, June 24, 2013

Dante's Debut

Saturday morning, Ellen and I went out with Dante and Cruiser for a trail ride. since Dante crossed the river with Ellen the day before, we figured he’s cross easily. Cruise went down to the river’s edge, first, and paused—something he seldom does. Dante didn’t want to wait for him and passed him right up—getting to the other side before Cruiser’s hooves were barely wet. River crossing is no longer a problem for Ellen and Dante.

Once again, Dante was very excited—leading the way. Cruiser quietly walked behind him. the ride stayed at a walk and was uneventful. We then took Cole and Ranger on a ride.

Sunday, my younger niece came out to ride Ranger. This time, we took Dante, Cole and Ranger out. Dante, in his excitement, trotted down the river bank to the water. Ellen didn’t appreciate that, but at least it shows he isn’t reluctant to cross anymore. We had another uneventful ride. The only bad moment was when Dante took off trotting because a nasty bug was plaguing him. I’m sure that is how he is used to responding to bad bugs—having lived outside his whole life. He will need to learn some self control. That’s exactly how Cole used to behave when it would start to rain.

I then took Cruise on a ride with Starry.

It was a very hot weekend, and I was reminded why I don’t really like summer. Heat, sweat, bugs, yuk. Still, it is nice to be able to trail ride so much—something I don’t get to do enough in the winter.

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Camryn said...

Wonder if his hurry thru the water was in hopes of a click/treat? Something my mare would try.