Monday, June 3, 2013

Rainy Weekend

Rainy Weekend

It didn’t rain when we rode, but it rained at night so much that we weren’t able to cross the river on either day. Sigh. Another roadblock in our way of getting Dante on the trail.

The good news—I rode Cruise. I just stayed on the little trail on the property, which isn’t very exciting, but it was just nice to be back in the saddle. of course, we stayed at a walk. He seemed happy enough to have me on his back. We did a half hour each day. it is a start.

We also rode Cole and Ranger on the hill multiple times. Cole was as good as gold. Maybe we have finally slayed our hill demons. I used to dread riding him on the hill because he always wanted to rush—whether up or down. He was happy to walk and trot at Ranger’s speed.

Now, on to Dante. The barn was a busy place on Saturday, so Ellen ended up riding in the round pen as everything else was in use. She trotted him a lot. When she was done, she rode him on the property at a walk. He seemed to like that much better. She opted not to ride on the hill.

Sunday, the stables was very quiet, so she was able to use the indoor arena. She rode him a half hour. I gave her some guidance on the ground and gave her ideas on what to work on when she was by herself during the week. I want them form good habits, early, like going straight and bending. They did well, and when she made adjustments, so did Dante.

Then, it was time to go down the hill. We walked down to the bottom, and then I stayed in one place while she trotted him back and forth on the flat bottom. He did very well with it. She felt much more impulsion, but she could still sit his trot. He stopped readily, too. They then rode back up together. She didn’t even need me there, but I just wanted to see what they could do.

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