Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Niece's Ride

My older niece came out to ride with me, last night. We were a little concerned since the weather was very changeable, and they were predicting bad storms. She rode Ranger and I rode Cole. It did rain a little at the beginning of the ride, but soon it stopped and the sun came out. Once we crossed the river, we mostly trotted all the way to the next river crossing.

My niece rode better than she ever did before. Her posting was perfect—in spite of Ranger going a little faster than he did the last few weeks. She was able to keep him from slowing down to lure Cole closer so he could try to intimidate him, too. She didn’t use the reins as balance, rather she had them slightly slack. Basically, I think Ranger won her confidence and allowed her to do her best. She is no longer afraid to ride him—I think he has become her favorite horse.

We walked home and marveled at how nice the weather actually turned out.

When we got back, I set her to watering the 30+ horses and Kevin cleaned our stalls. I somewhat felt like Tom Sawyer as I took Cruiser for a pleasant walk on the hill. Then my niece helped me give hay to all the horses

We then celebrated our great ride with a hot fudge sundae at McDonalds. As I was driving home, the lightning started. It was so nice that we were able to enjoy our whole evening before the storms moved in.

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