Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lots of little updates:

Lots of little updates:

Ellen was able to move Dante into the stall next to Ranger and across from Cruiser, Cole and Starry. He is also next to a small, white mule. He has fallen in love with the mule and has been seen giving her a kiss. He seems to like Ranger, and though Ranger is playing bully, he is treating him much nicer than the horse that was previously in that stall—which is a relief. He hated that horse. Since he liked when Cole was next to him, and he loved his buddy, Mingo, we are hoping that he will accept Dante—a friendly horse. We shall see.

Ellen has been riding Dante in the indoor arena this week, since they are still working on the road. It shouldn’t be much longer. She said he is doing well.

Cole went on a fast and fun ride with Starry on Monday, and a slow and fun ride with my older niece on Ranger and Kevin on Starry. She was much more confident than last week—and it didn’t rain on us.

My garden is all in place, and now I just need to weed and water until it is time to harvest. I got a new hose, so watering is going to be a little easier. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to some luxury.

Today is Thunder Thursday, and since it is rainy and cool, I think we will be cuddling with a book.

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