Thursday, May 23, 2013

Wednesday Evening Ride

Kevin and I went on a ride with Cole and Starry. It was a fun ride with lots of trotting, good cantering and nearly perfectly well-behaved horses. That includes the riverbank that Cole has been rushing down. I let Starry go first. We halted at the top of the bank, clicked, treated, went a couple steps, clicked treated and carefully walked to the water. It was great.

I got Cruiser’s physical therapy walk in before the thunderstorm hit, so that was great. It isn’t much fun leading in the indoor arena. He did spook once and started cantering. I wish he would have trotted because then I could have seen if he is sounder. He looked like he was sound at a canter. He actually looked very pretty. I will probably trot him next week to see how he is doing. It will be 2 months at that point.

Dante was upset about the rain. It was splashing into his window. Seriously? This is the horse that lived outside? I consoled him and moved his hay to a spot where the rain wouldn’t hit him.

I’m staying home tonight to work on my veggie garden. My brother rototilled it for me. They are getting part of it this year. I have an electric fence to keep the deer out—but they don’t at their house. This way, they get more space and protection from the deer. I don’t need as much this year, anyway.

We are looking forward to the long weekend so much! 3 days of riding Ranger and Cole—and working with Dante, too. We can get a lot accomplished in 3 days. I will keep you updated.

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achieve1dream said...

Yay three day weekend!!!!!! :D

I guess we're not doing a garden this year. We've been so busy building the house. I think having a place to live is more important though so I'll try not to complain too much hehe.

I'm also keeping my fingers crossed the the trot test goes well with Cruiser! You can do it boy!