Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dante is on his way...

Yes, we got an email from his breeder.  He loaded well and is on his way.  I hope Ellen is doing all right.  I haven't gotten anymore emails past the one where she feels sick.  This is a really big day for her.

I did ride Cole last night.  Kevin was babysitting, so I was alone.  The ride was good.  The wildflowers are so pretty this time of year.  The Indian Hyacinths are starting to bloom.  The wild Phlox are all over the place.  It is a terrific year for violets.  Usually, you don't even notice them with all the profusion of other flowers, but this year, there are so many.  The tansy ragwort is starting to bloom, and so are the May Apples.  The earlier flowers are fading away. 

Cruiser was very perky on his walk, last night.  He is nearly shedded out, and he looks so good.  I was afraid he would be all skin and bones when he shedded out, but he has been steadily gaining his weight back.  He is still a little low, but he is so much better than he was this winter!  I have to be careful with him since he is Insulin Resistant.  Too much of the wrong food can cause laminitis.  It is actually unusual for an insulin resistant horse to be thin.  That is one of the reasons we didn't even think to test him, but when his healed bowed tendon had a relapse, the vet got suspicious.  We are lucky to have one of the most noted bowed tendon vets in the country.  Their practice has done over 15,000 bowed tendons.  They are tops.  When Cruiser bowed his tendon, my vet said they don't even bother handling bowed tendons because these guys are so good.

I'm rambling...

I am too excited to concentrate on work.  I'm glad I'm not very busy.

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achieve1dream said...

Yay Dante!

The flowers are gorgeous here too! I don't ever remember seeing so many of them before either. I should get some pictures now that you mention it!

I'm glad Cruiser is gaining weight. :D