Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cole has Wings

Kevin and I took Cole and Starry out for a ride last night. It was in the 70s, so we figured they would be on the quiet side, but we were wrong. Both were feeling good. We started out with some fine trotting. They were energetic, but behaving, so I was able to talk Kevin into doing some cantering—with me in the lead. That meant I could go fast!

We have a favorite stretch for cantering that is so good that we even call it “the canter stretch.” Cole really felt like cantering, so it took only the lightest cue and he leapt forward. I was having fun, but after about a minute, I heard Kevin yelling to slow down. I assumed that he was having trouble with Starry, so I started to rein Cole in. At that moment, my treat pouch came loose and started to fall. I quickly grabbed it, but now I only had one and a half hands to slow Cole. My half hand was on the mane side, so I was trying to get a firm grip on the rein without pulling out a bunch of his luxurious mane—and then I saw the log.

Well, it isn’t much of a log. It fell down about a week ago. It was so rotted, that when it hit the trail, it crumpled into a pile of rotted log debris about a half foot high and 4 feet wide. We don’t need to step over it, as we can step through it. I didn’t really want to step on it at a canter. I tried to slow Cole down, and I was successful, but he wouldn’t come down to a trot. He never even paused—we sailed over it.

As most horses who haven’t had much experience with jumping, he way over jumped. It has been years since I’ve jumped like that. I quit jumping Cruiser when he bowed his tendon and never jumped Mingo because I didn’t think it was a good idea with his conformation. I used to jump my first horse, Brandy, quite a bit. He was a very talented and accomplished show jumper, and I learned a lot from him.

I learned enough to know I am way out of practice! Of course, I wasn’t preparing for a jump, but for him to stop. In spite of me, Cole jumped beautifully and very boldly. I think I may have another Brandy on my hands. I had no trouble getting him to stop after we jumped. I think that is just why he wouldn’t stop—he planned to jump all along. I looked back to see Starry carefully stepping through the log. Thank goodness. The thought of Kevin and Starry going airborne is a scary one.

We continued on the ride, and they continued to be hyper. We ended up having them walk quietly home. When I got back to the stables, I turned Cole out to run and play, and run he did. We have a huge outdoor arena, and when he is in the mood, he just runs laps. I lost count after 8 laps when he moved into figure eights. I guess I should have done that before the ride…


achieve1dream said...

That is soooo cool!!! Do you think you'll do some more jumping with Cole? Are there any jumps at your barn?

Judi said...

We do have some poles I can set up. I am thinking of trying a little of it next winter. I think he will really enjoy it. Plus, I could brush up on my skills. It has been so long.

achieve1dream said...

You are going to have so much fun with it!! :D

I wish I could practice jumping. I've never had formal training and not much practice other than some fallen branches and stuff when I was a kid... I can stay on, but frankly I suck LOL!!