Thursday, May 9, 2013

D-Day is Here!

I am here at work, waiting very impatiently for evening to arrive, for that is when Dante is expected. He is probably already on the road. It is a long trip from West Virginia to Cleveland. I hope he is doing well. He has been trailered before, so that helps. I remember when Cole was delivered 3 years ago. He had never been trailered. It was only a 3 hour trip, but he must have been really stressed. Poor guy was dripping with sweat when he arrived—just exhausted. I will never forget what his look when I saw him on the trailer. He looked like the saddest horse in the world. I hope Dante does better.

My sister sent me an email that said, “I feel sick.” I guess that means the stress is affecting her just a little bit.

I will be out there this evening. Actually, it is farrier day. My sister did tell him that he could come earlier if he wants, so he might not be there when I get there. Cole is getting front shoes. He really wore down his feet. Since he is now my main riding horse, he has been doing a lot of miles. Our trails are so hard and have a lot of gravel. It is tough on the hooves. Cole has complaining. The shoes will help. I really wish we had softer trails.

It’s going to be a long day, waiting to get out of work…

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achieve1dream said...

I'm just glad you have trails. :) Being stuck riding on asphalt roads sucks. I'm just glad we both are getting to ride!

Your sister sounds a lot like me. I make myself sick with worry even when it's something exciting like a new horse lol. She will feel better when he's safely in his stall!