Monday, May 6, 2013

Lovely May Trail Rides

Nothing to report except for great rides.  Great rides make for boring blogs.  Friday, Kevin and I had a terrific ride with Starry and Cole.  They were completely different from Wednesday's ride.  Other than rushing down one river bank, Cole was perfect.

Saturday, I rode Cole with Ellen and Ranger.  We were out for about an hour and a quarter.  They were completely perfect.  We did a lot of trotting on the way out, and walked home--looking at all the stunning wildflowers.  We are at the peak of bluebell season.

Sunday, I took Cole with Ellen on Ranger and Kevin on Starry.  This time, we went up to the show ring trails for the first time this year.  All the horses behaved. Starry seemed excited to be with Ranger, but otherwise, he was fine. Cole was perfect.  Ranger gets very excited going up to those trails because we used to keep him at a stable there--and he always thinks he is going to his old home.  Even he was better than he would typically be on the first trip there. 

Someone pinch me and tell me I'm not dreaming.  Three nearly perfect rides in nearly perfect weather?  Yes, a boring blog post, but the rides were great.

Thursday is Dante Day.

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achieve1dream said...

Nothing wrong with boring when you're talking about horses LOL! I'm glad you've had great weather and great rides. :D