Monday, November 15, 2010

My weekend

Wow, did I pick 4 fantastic days for a long weekend. The weather was so awesome--not the typical November Cleveland weather. Of course, I rode--I ride regardless--but it was nice to be comfortable instead of cold.

Cole was horrible the first day, but he did great the rest. Yesterday, my sister even rode him a little bit on the trail. I walked, she rode. Cole was a little confused when she went to mount him, and pranced a bit for about a minute, but then he settled down. She even trotted him a short distance a few times. She liked the way he felt--he is like a small version of her large horse--just as round.

When she had enough, I rode the rest of the way.

Cruiser was great the whole time, of course.

I am going out to ride again, tonight. I have to feed, so I might as well ride, too. It will be in the arena, though.

I took off this Thursday and Friday coming up, too. I gotta use the vacation up before Cruise's shoes are pulled! I only ride him very limited on the trail without shoes. He needs them for support for his bad tendon.

Maggie and Thunder are doing better all the time. He is regularly stalking and pouncing her, now. She just gets confused and ignores him--just like Pollie does. I praise her each time I see her do that.

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achieve1dream said...

Cole sounds so awesome! From how you describe him I think I would like his gaits too. :) I'm glad the weather and horses cooperated to make your weekend great.

Sounds like Maggie and Thunder are doing great together. I'm so happy Thunder likes her, especially after how worried you were. It's always so great when things turn out nice. It always makes me wonder why I worry so much, but it never stops me lol. I guess I never learn hehe.