Monday, November 22, 2010

Amazing Dog

She used to be Dumb Dog, but now she is Amazing. I worked with her a few days with the clicker to get her to stay in the other room when I played with Thunder. Every minute or 2, I would come back, click and give her a treat.
Thunder's favorite game--one we weren't able to play unless she was outside or locked up is "Throw." I would throw a piece of dry catfood across the wooden floor and he would chase after it, and of course, eat it. Maggie would come in whenever she heard it, and we would have to quit.
Saturday, I tried to get a few throws in before the dog heard, and found myself doing lots of throws. I figured Maggie was asleep. I finally checked her--and found her with Dad--wide awake--waiting for a treat! Of course I gave her one.
By Sunday, I was able to throw food off and on for Thunder for about 10 minutes while I was on the phone--I was unable to reward the dog. Still, she waited.

Thunder and I can now play all of our games--including me chasing after him through the house.
I am so happy about this, that now, I am more interested in playing with Maggie. I just need to figure out what she would like to do other than go on walks. She is very athletic. I would like her to catch a frisbee, but she doesn't understand, yet.

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achieve1dream said...

If you teach her how to catch a Frisbee you better tell me how you did it!!! I would love for Jackal to learn how, but I honestly don't think he'd be good at it. He's athletic but is built more for distance running, not really jumping. I worry about his little half Beagle legs. His aren't nearly as contorted as the purebred, but it has the funky angles to it.

I'm glad you can play with Thunder again. It always upsets the routine a little to add a new animal to the household, but usually settles down. I'm glad it did for you. :)