Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Another 4-day weekend!

Yes, I am trying to use up my vacation time before Cruiser's shoes are pulled--which is next week.  The weather won't be like last week, but I think it will be good enough.  My sister will be able to ride with me on my first rides, but then she will have to go to work.  My boyfriend will be around, of course.  He is retired and loves having me around.  He may be able to ride with me on my second rides.

I also have a 4-day weekend next weekend because of Thanksgiving.  This is the life...  Then it will be back to work until Christmas and then nothing until spring.  I don't waste vacation in the winter.

I plan to get more of the garden cleaned up, and if I finish up the beets, I will take the electric fence down.  Then, I will be done with all my outside stuff.  We don't rake until spring, and thats just by the house. We have a lot of red oaks that lose most of their leaves in the spring. 

The dog is getting better.  She hasn't had an accident in more than a week.  If I tell her to stay away from us, she leaves me alone to play with the cat for a few minutes, otherwise, she gets in the way.  Thunder then starts to stalk her.  He's getting more aggressive with his pouncing.  She doesn't like it, but hasn't figured out just to leave us alone.

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achieve1dream said...

Maggie will learn. I didn't know she wasn't housebroken. That's fun. NOT!

That is totally cool that you get so many three and four day weekends. I don't have vacation time so if I ask off I just don't get paid. :(

Hope you have fun and I hope the weather holds out for you!