Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long weekend

Well, I have to use up the vacation days, and since the weather is going to be great, I now have a 4-day weekend!  I plan to ride, of course. 

I will be going out to the barn, tonight, too.  Due to economic conditions, when the barn manager decided to switch back to 3 feedings a day, I gladly took the opportunity to feed on Mondays and Wednesdays.  It helps with the bottom line.  I used to do it a few years ago, but they dropped the evening feeding and I was laid off.  It is only hay and water for about 30 horses.  Often, my boyfriend is there to help.  He is good at watering--it's mindless.

Anyway, I will probably just lounge Cole, tonight.  I want to continue to desensitize him to the far end of the arena.  I will work Cruiser for a while, too.  I hope he does a little better than he did on Monday!  Then, the rest of the weekend I will be on trail.  I love the trail!

I will also continue working with Thunder and dumb dog.  Last night, I was working on Stay while I would run out of the room--chasing Thunder around.  This is the one game of Thunder's that I thought was gone for good, so I am very amazed that Maggie listened.  I love clicker.  I was inspired by the excellent show on PBS, Nova, that was showing how smart dogs could be--as I was doing the training.  Maybe I should stop calling her dumb dog.

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achieve1dream said...

Yep I think you should stop calling her dumb dog. Something about those self fulfilling prophecies or whatever hehe!! I'm just playing, not being ugly or anything.

It truly does sound like she's super smart though and very willing to please, which is always a plus. I'm glad everyone is adjusting to each other. I know you will always love cats more, but I think you're going to enjoy clicker training a dog too. I'm a dog person, but there are qualities I love about cats too. :)