Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Cruiser and Cole in the Arena

I rode Cruiser in the arena for the first time since mid March, and it didn't go so well.  It was obvious his mind wasn't on it.  I would ask him to trot, and he would halt.  Sometimes he just stopped on his own.  When we got to the far end of the arena at a trot, his head went straight up like a Saddlebred.  I would calm him down, but each time we got there, he did the same thing.  He drifted off the wall and he couldn't stay in a steady rhythm.  I can see we have a lot of work to do this winter. 

Last winter, was the winter of Mingo's illness, and I wasn't able to focus well when I rode Cruiser.  I know I was lax, and I think I am paying the price for it, now.

I mostly lounged Cole on the scary end of the arena for desensitation.  I haven't been riding him over there due to his volatility.  He was volatile on the lounge line, but he improved as time went on.  I then saddled him and worked on riding him over there at a walk.  We did have one really bad incident the second time I took him through it and one stop in place spook the third time over there.  After that, he was fine. We just kept going in circles on that end.  This has been our biggest arena issue.  Most times, I just stay away, but I have to solve it eventually.  Now that it is quiet outside the arena (the source of the problem in the beginning) I have no excuse.

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achieve1dream said...

Have you ever just turned him out in the arena to explore? Or is your arena not fenced in? I hope you can get it figured out soon so you can enjoy your rides this winter instead of worrying about the scary arena ghost lol. :)