Friday, June 18, 2010

Weekend plans

Hurray! The weekend is almost upon us!

Our plans this weekend is to ride (of course.) Aside from that, here are our plans with Cole:

Tonight, I am going to review all of our groundwork, with the help of clicker. If conditions are favorable, we will review walking on the road a bit.

Tomorrow, we will attempt the trail again. If you remember, the last time, he was nervous and kept balking. I am hoping since we have worked so much on the forward cue, and he trusts me more, now, he will be more relaxed and willing. Clicker should help. We don’t plan to go far. Rather, we are going to walk back and forth the first part of the trail, practicing our clicking transitions. I believe this will change his whole attitude—get him from nervous into seek mode. It should make a very positive trail experience.

If all goes well, we will expand it on Sunday.

On the weekend, I usually work him in two short sessions. The first is before my sister and I take Cruiser and Ranger for our ride and the second is after. On our second session, we will work on lounging at a walk on the lead rope and standing quietly.

My sister thinks she has a girth that might fit haim. I am bringing out a new bit that I bought for Mingo last fall when I thought he would get better. It is a 3-piece happy mouth snaffle. I think it may be too big for him, but it will be a good one for him to play with since it will be freshly flavored.

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