Thursday, June 17, 2010

3 weeks

It has been 3 weeks since Cole moved into my life. I am enjoying him so much.

Last night, we did a little more lounging. First, free, and then I put him on the lead rope and he walked quietly around me. We did both sides, and he acted like he's known how to do it all along.

We practiced standing quietly. He is getting better, but it will be a while. He just wants to be next to me all the time. What a friendly horse he is.

I put the saddle on his back 4 times from each side. Then I decided to try the girth--and oops--Cruiser's girth is too short for Cole--by a lot. I will try Mingo's old girth. I think it may be long enough. If not, my sister may have an extra one. Her horse is a bit on the big side. Cole is still pretty chubby. He lost a little weight since I got him. He has a lot to go. I can barely feel one rib.

I had my older niece out to ride with me. I rode Cruiser, and she rode Starry. She had fun. I sure will miss her when she is off to college.

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achieve1dream said...

He is soooo smart! I can't wait to start working with the saddle and stuff with Chrome, but I'm going to wait until he's two. Right now I would really like to work with him on hauling in the trailer to new places. It's just so hard to coordinate my schedule with my husband's (I don't know how to drive a standard and that's the only truck we have that can pull the trailer). I can't wait to here more about Cole.