Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New Blue Halter

Well, another birthday has come and gone. Now, I’m all of 45, and feeling old. If I feel this old, shouldn’t I be retired by now. Alas, years to go…

My boyfriend took the hint my sister gave him and got a new halter for Cole. It is bright blue and totally adjustable. He has a big jowl, a short head and a tiny nose. All the other halters, except Cruiser’s didn’t fit right. Cruise needed his—besides, it is the one that came with him 20 + years ago and I can’t even tell what color it used to be. It is some sort of greenish gray. I had been using Mingo’s old leather halter, but it made me nervous with the oversized noseband. Now, Cole can wear bright blue.

I’m riding with my oldest niece, tonight. I hope Starry behaves for her.

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achieve1dream said...

I want to see pictures! That's so funny that bright blue is the color I had picked out for Chrome (just waiting for him to finish growing before I buy an expensive one lol). I love bright blue on black, too bad Chrome will turn gray. Then I'll have to decide what color looks best on white. Sigh. I really want to see a picture of him in his new halter and also what brand did he buy because I have a feeling Chrome will need an adjustable one with the Arab in him. His muzzle is small in comparison to his head. Thanks!