Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pictures of Cole

My sister sent me a few pictures. 


achieve1dream said...

Cole is soooo gorgeous!!! I still have yet to ever have had a black horse (my favorite color) and I'm soooooooo envious. :) He's beautiful. You found yourself a keeper.

achieve1dream said...

LOL I guess Chrome was almost black for a little while hehe. I still think he's gorgeous regardless of color even though he's going through the yearling uglies lol. Color isn't everything, but having your favorite color is a bonus. :) I've heard some people say black is the most boring color, but to me it's just gorgeous. I guess because I'm a Walter Farley kid. :D And Friesians are black hehe.

You may be right about Cole. If he acted the same by the road as in the barn I bet he is a champ at hiding his emotions. He'll be a fun one to get to know and figure out. :) Have patience though because when I got Chrome I thought he hated me. It took us forever to bond. Now we're best friends.