Friday, June 11, 2010

Visit from the farrier

Yesterday was Coles experience with my farrier. Although his previous owner said he was fine for trimming, I had much trepidation. His feet were many weeks overgrown. They really were awful, but when I got him 2 weeks ago, he wasn’t good about holding his feet up. I decided to work with him and just have him trimmed when my farrier did Cruiser.

I had nothing to worry about. He wasn’t perfect, but he was mostly polite. The few times he did try to pull away, he didn’t try too hard. My farrier just hung on, and Cole gave up.

His feet look so much better. They aren’t where we want them—that will take a few more trims. I’m sure he will be so much more comfortable, too. I’m sure they will be a bit sensitive for a little while, so I will keep him in the soft arena.

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