Tuesday, June 1, 2010

House Cat Tip of the Month

House Cat Tip of the Month

Here is something I wish I would have thought of a few years ago. We have a low windowsill that Thunder can put his paws on and look out of. I noticed that when he heard the wind blow in the spring and fall when the leaves were falling, he would run to the window to watch the leaves.

One day, when I was sitting with him as he was hunting leaves, one of them flew onto the outside windowsill and then flew off again. He was so excited that he pawed the window. I went outside and gathered up some leaves and placed them on the outdoor windowsill, and he hunted them until they flew off.

This has turned into are new windy day game. It doesn’t matter if he actually sees me put the leaves there, either. In is overactive indoor feline imagination, they are still wild leaves to be stalked and hunted.

When he is hunting leaves, if I walk into the room, he runs to me, meowing and leads me to the windowsill to see the leaves. (If a cat walks away from you with his tail up, he wants you to follow him.) He either sits on the floor or puts his paws up with his head and ears flattened. It is simply adorable.

I know not everyone has a good set up for leaf hunting, so that really isn’t the tip. The real tip is to observe what interests your cat and find ways to use that information to entertain him.

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