Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Update on the Present

Update on the Present

This is the most frustrating time of the year.  The weather has warmed up, the river has thawed (though it is still very high) and we can’t even get down the hill.  Our trail has turned into ice from us walking on it so much this winter.  Since it doesn’t get much sun, it takes a long time to melt.

It is now light enough to ride after work.  Last week, when the trail was still snow, I did get to ride Cole a few days on the hill.  He was very excited the first day, and much better the second day.  By the weekend, the trail was impossible.  We still have the loop in the back of the property.  Since the owner plowed it, there wasn’t that much snow amd ice to melt.  It is now mud, but at least we can ride outside.

Yesterday, it was very, very warm, and the hill was able to melt about ¾ of the way down—but it was solid ice from there.  I rode down with Kevin and Starry  one time.  We then went back to ride the loop.  As we were riding along the fence, a couple of horses that were in the outdoor arena ran up to visit us.  We saw them coming and told our guys to stand.  Cole is particularly sensitive to any actions from other horses, so I was worried he might get frightened.  He did.  I felt his whole body twitch, but he stood—waiting for the click—which I gave him and followed it up with a bunch of carrot slices.  I know how hard that was for him.  Starry did well, too, but he is a quieter, more tolerant horse than Cole.  Kevin and I both knew that if one horse reacted, the other horse would too.  We were so proud that neither one did.

Later, I let Dante play in the outdoor arena, and wow, did he play.   He rolled and ran and ran and rolled.  Ellen would have quite a mess to clean in the morning.  I didn’t bother turning Cole out—he is such a prima donna that he won’t run if it is too muddy.  He hates getting dirty.

We have been reviewing outdoor manners and automobiles with Dante.  He needs work on the former, but did well with the latter.  His biggest problem is just that he wants to play around.  I don’t think it will take him too long to get back up to speed.  It didn’t take Cole very long at all to remember he is supposed to walk when I say walk—always his most difficult lesson.  Ranger has been working outside most of the winter—except in extreme cold or icy conditions, so he is already accustomed to outdoor work—though even he has been rather hyper with the better weather.

They are all shedding well, but Ranger is simply molting—handfuls of hair is coming out. 

Trail riding is just around the corner.

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achieve1dream said...

Daylight savings time is the best. I'm so happy it's light out so much later. Now if only I could go back to my old schedule at work so I had the time and energy to actually do something outside lol.

I'm glad everyone is doing well and I hope the rest of the ice melts soon. It must be so frustrating that it's lingering so long.