Monday, March 23, 2015

Good News

Good News

Yes, this is good news. I finally got the results of the latest medical test, and it isn’t the C-word (and I don’t mean canter.) The problem is something very manageable, so that means life can go on. It is spring, and it is going to be a good one.

More good news—Kevin and I cross the river! Hurray! The first time was Friday night. Cole and Starry did great for their first trail ride of the year. They were both somewhat startled by a turkey running behind them, but they handled it well. Starry still made a fuss about going in the lead, and Kevin still made a fuss about Cole going too fast when he was in the lead—so nothing new going on with them. We kept it at a trot—though Cole would have loved to go for a gallop. He kept telling me he wanted to. We got back before dark.

On Saturday, Ellen wasn’t quite ready to take her first trip on the trail with Dante, so after a short arena ride, she got Ranger. I rode Dante on the backyard loop while she led Range. He was great, so we took off for the hill. I wanted to lead on the street, so I dismounted. Ranger went into one of his Ranger moods, and he was prancing, dancing, jogging and was just plain wound up. Dante was perfect. When we got to the trail, I decided just to stay dismounted because I remembered how much I ate the day before. Ranger settled down and we walked up and down the hill twice. Dante was perfect, again.

To celebrate, I took Cole out for a ride with Kevin and Starry.

Sunday, it was just frigid. Ellen rode Dante in the arena and out on the driveway. We then took Cole and Ranger for a few trips on the hill. Now, ready for more good news? Ranger’s breathing while walking up the hill was better than it has been in years. It really put a smile on our faces.

(I bet you thought I was going to tell you about a new horse in my future, didn’t you?)


Mariodacat said...

I'm so happy it was good news all around for you. Nothing worse than the Cancer scare. I'm thankful for you that it isn't cancer. Sounds like you are busy training horses - that is a sure sign of spring.

achieve1dream said...

I'm so happy I actually teared up. I had a breast cancer scare last year and from what you had said I was guessing it was a cancer scare so I've been really worried about you. I'm so glad it was good news and that everything will be okay!!!!

I did think the post was going to be about the new horse, but this was way better. I'm so happy for you!

TeresaA said...

I'm glad that it's not cancer. And the ride looks like fun. But yes, I do want to hear about the new horse.....

aurora said...

I bet you/yours are all glad you got manageable news. You are lucky to have a place to trail ride whenever weather allows. We are working on it, can't happen soon enough...until then, we anxiously await for public trails to open!!

Mrs Shoes said...
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