Monday, March 9, 2015

Reluctantly Deleted

A New Adventure Begins

I have been looking for a new horse since last spring when Cruiser flew off to greener pastures.   I would have liked another Morab, since Cruiser and Cole turned out to be such wonderful horses, but that didn’t seem possible.  The Great Recession seemed to have wiped out the Morab breeders.  I found plenty of older Morabs from before the recession, but I didn’t want in older horse.

My second choice was a Morgan.  It was a close second.  After experiencing Cole who is mostly Morgan and Dante who is entirely Morgan, I was starting to think that they may be better than a Morab.  After all, I am getting older, and Arabs can be awfully energetic at times.  So can Morgans, but they seem to use their energy in a more sensible way.  Also, my very first horse, Brandy, was a Morgan.  Ranger is quite likely a Morgan cross.  How could I go wrong with one.

If I were to get a Morgan, he would have to be an old style one.  The modern Morgans are beautiful, in their own way, but the traditional Morgan has always made my heart skip a beat. 

Just like with the Morabs, I was limiting my chances of finding one.  Morgans are a small breed to begin with, and only a fraction of them are what I was looking for.  Most of the breeders had horses that were yearlings or younger—too young for a boarding stable.  None were close to home, either.  Most of them were the wonderful Working Western Morgans—horses I didn’t even know existed until I started my search.  They were all out west, of course—and still too young.  I was leaning towards them.  By fall, I gave up looking and planned to wait until spring.  Maybe some of the yearlings would then be unsold 2-year-olds.

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Evil, evil cliffhangers!!!!! I am so impatient to know!! :D