Thursday, March 12, 2015

The Risks of Getting an New Horse

The Risks of Getting an New Horse

Choosing a new horse, whether you buy him or he is given to you, is a very risky endeavor.  All the riskier when you are like us, and plan to get a horse for keeps.  Ellen and I are just not the kind of people who can pass our animals on to an unknown future.  It doesn’t take very long, and we are so attached to our animals that we can’t let them go down an uncertain path.  So, when we choose, we choose carefully.

Who am I kidding.  We were all fairly certain Ellen would buy Dante when she went down to West Virginia.  I was far from sure that Cole was the right horse for me when I visited him—but I was feeling so out of sorts after losing Mingo, I bought him anyway.  Cruiser was love at first sight—but seriously, they called him Satan—I bought a horse named Satan!  The fact that it was less than 2 weeks after Brandy died probably influenced my decision, too, don’t you think?  With Kevin and Starry, it was love at first sight, too.  Ellen looked at few horses before choosing Ranger—and the main reason for saying “yes” was that they said he could cross water.  Mingo, I had from birth, so there was no choosing there.


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