Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Terrific Trail Rides!

Oh, I had such a fun time riding yesterday evening.

First, I took Cole Train out for a 3 mile trail ride. we went by ourselves. He wasn’t perfect, but this is, by far, the best evening trail ride we ever had. He was reluctant to cross the river, and once across, he didn’t want to continue down the trail. I think he was looking for my sister, who is usually on foot when I ride him on the weekends. Once we got gong, he did fine. We trotted where we could, and although he was very fast, he didn’t canter. Once we got to the next river crossing, we turned and walked home. The bugs were annoying him, and they made him antsy a few times. Overall, it was a very successful ride for him.

Cruiser didn’t want to be outdone. He was fantastic! The cool weather turned him into a 4-year-old, and we flew down the trail—including plenty of trotting towards home. The ride was exhilarating, to say the least. We went about 5 miles. I love riding Cruiser, and I hope that someday, I could ride Cole with such abandon, too.


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Yay I'm finally caught up!! I'll try not to get so far behind again. I've just been so busy. I missed hearing about Cole and Cruiser. I'm glad they are both settling in. And don't worry someday you'll be just as comfortable with Cole. It's all a matter of getting to know each other and knowing what he's capable of. Once you know his reactions you'll be able to relax more. :)