Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Successful Monday Rides

Had the best ride on Cruiser of the year! We went out on trail for more than an hour with lots of trotting. He was calm enough that we did some cantering. He only goes about 15 strides and then drops back to a trot (arthritis), but he is more than happy to do it! For the first time this year, we were also able to trot towards home—which was great since the mosquitoes were brutal. He would still get a little fast, and then I would make him walk for a bit until the mosquitoes caught up, again. He had lots of energy left when we got home, and I think he’d of done another hour. I guess that warm weather, 4 consecutive days of trail riding and being a few weeks away from turning 24 meant that he finally settled down to acting like a normal horse.

I rode Cole in the outdoor arena, and I am very happy to report that the “big trot” is back. He was more consistent, and when he lost it, I was able to get him back with very little trouble. I think I figured out the problem—the saddle was a little too far forward (maybe a half inch) and that may have been inhibiting his shoulder movement. I should have known better, (I have a section on it in my book with a lovely diagram) and I’m not sure why I had been saddling him that way, but for the last few weeks, I haven’t been able to get the girth as tight, either, which I didn’t understand because he hasn’t gained any weight. It can’t be coincidence. I got a reminder from reading one of the blogs I follow, and the light bulb went off in my head. I was thinking it was a saddle problem, but he wasn’t showing any signs of soreness. He just didn’t want to stride out with his shoulders inhibited.

When I was done riding him, I turned him loose to roll, and he had a really good run. My teenage friend videoed it, and she is going to give me a DVD with it. She is so sweet.

I went to water this morning before work, and I saw I forgot to turn on the electric fence. The next thing I saw was the baby deer in my bean patch. It dashed out, and I plugged in the fence when I was done. I saw no damage since the beans haven’t sprouted, yet. My cukes are sprouting, already.

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achieve1dream said...

Very cool! I'm glad Cruiser did so fantastic. What a good boy.

And I'm glad you figured out the saddling problem before it could cause any soreness. :) Will you share the rolling video on Facebook?