Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Been doing lots of riding...

I’ve been getting a lot of riding, and mostly on the trail. Sunday, we took Cole and Ranger up to the show ring trails for the first time this year. Ranger was so excited to be up there! We boarded there many years ago, and he didn’t forget. He actually went slower on the way home. Cole didn’t understand. They both behaved. We kept the ride at a relaxing walk.

I did a fair amount of trotting on our solo ride on Saturday. He still hasn’t settled down with it, but I am getting used to the speed. Friday, I rode him in the arena, and yesterday I took him on a short trail ride. The bugs were really irritating him, and he tried to run away from them, once. We nipped that in the bud, and he didn’t try it again.

Of course, I have been riding Cruiser on each day, too. For the first time this year, I took him to the Lagoon trail. It goes along the street, and can be noisy with traffic. I quit going that way last year since he was spooking at motorcycles so much. He has improved considerably this year, so I thought I would try that trail. As it turned out, there were no motorcycles because it looked like rain. There were also less bugs, so it was a very enjoyable ride. He was excited, but behaved like a champ.

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achieve1dream said...

Yay for happy, relaxing, successful rides. :D Keep up the great work (fun).