Monday, June 6, 2011

Great Weekend for riding and dogs

Finally, we had a great weekend for riding. I took Cruiser out Friday night by ourselves. Saturday and Sunday morning, I rode him with my sister on her horse. Each time was about 5 miles. It was so great to just get out and ride.

I got Cole on the trail Saturday and Sunday for about 3 miles each day. We did some trotting and though he kept trying to canter, he would come back to a trot when I asked. We just flew down the trail. That horse can trot-fast. My sister said that when he starts out, his hindquarters sink down and then he takes off. I know he will slow down, because he did last fall after a dozen rides or so with trotting. It is a little scary to fly down the trail like that, but I know me well enough to know that given time, I will revel in it. I love a fast trot, and I don’t allow Cruiser to do it like we used to protect his tendon.

The best news of all—on the way home, after all the trotting, he was quiet and only half heartedly tried to trot when I wanted him to walk. I guess he needs to get it out of his system, and then he is fine.

Next weekend, I am going to increase the distance of our ride on Saturday and on Sunday, if everything feels right, we are going to go out with Ranger to different and more challenging trails.

Maggie, aka Dumb Dog, made her debut at the animal shelters fundraising car show. My dad had a car in the show. I brought her up there, where she met my sister’s dog for the first time. They acted like they knew each other their whole lives and were bored of each other. (We were concerned because my sister’s dog can be aggressive with other dogs.) I didn’t know how she would be with all the activity, but she was very well behaved and relaxed.

I got a little more done in the garden.  I planted the lima and green beans and got the electric fence working before the deer discovered the wire wasn't hot.  My first batch of zukes are sprouting!!!

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achieve1dream said...

That sounds fantastic. I wish I could be there to go riding with you. I miss long trail rides. :)

I'm glad Maggie did well too.