Monday, June 27, 2011

Cole Videos

I have some videos of Cole.  They were taken from my teenage friend’s phone while she was grazing her horse.  It wasn’t a planned thing, so the quality isn’t too good.  One of them is a side pass and there is one of us trotting. 


achieve1dream said...

Those are great! He sidepasses so well already. Awesome. How did you teach it?

Judi said...

I taught it with clicker, of course. I would ride him in a circle, and then press my inside leg and displace my weight to the outside. It only took a few tries before he guessed what I wanted and got clicked for it. The rest was easy. I think he mastered it in about 5 rides. He seems to like doing it, too.

achieve1dream said...

I can't wait to start using clicker while riding. I wish the next year would go by really fast so I can ride Chrome lol. I'm getting so impatient. :)