Friday, January 14, 2011


I read on Forbes that Cleveland has the second worse winter in a major metropolitan area. Only Denver gets more snow, but we they have regular thaws. We get snow and it stays forever. I bet we are cloudier, too.

Well, our most esteemed weather forecaster thinks we may get a January thaw during the last week of the month. I sure hope so. We usually get one, but didn’t last year. At my house, we have a foot and a half of snow on the ground. I hate snow.

Our only big plans this weekend is a movie night at my brother’s house. My eldest niece is home from Cornell, so they have been inviting us over a lot so we can see her. My boyfriend gets to pick out the movie, and he never tells me until last minute as a surprise.

I will be riding Cole Friday through Monday, as usual. We did have one incident last time where he bucked and bolted to the far corner. It is so odd because all the rest of the horses are afraid of that corner and try to bolt away from it. I decided I need to work more in it so the novelty is gone. I don’t know what attracts him to it. That is the second time this month that he did that. Once I stopped shaking, we walked multiple tiny circles there and spent plenty of time walking through the corner.

Cruiser is doing well—no sign of a limp at a walk or trot. I only trot him every few days to make sure he is moving sound. I am going to have his shoes put back on next week, and then I will start riding him—very conservatively. I am going to treat him like his bad tendon got irritated and hope for the best. If he becomes lame, again, I will call the vet.

It is tough having an older horse. I worry so much about him.


achieve1dream said...

Ick on the weather. I hope it thaws.

I wonder why he's bucking and bolting . . . I hope he didn't scare you horribly and that you can sort through this. I hate when horses buck! I had a Thoroughbred who took off bucking once and I used the one rein stop (that his previous owner had taught him - Clinton Anderson style) and was able to stop him without falling off. From now on every horse I own will know how to do that!!! I don't ride bucks very well at all (high center of gravity maybe?) so it scares me when they get into those really big ones. Anyway I don't remember my point because I'm rambling, but good luck figuring out what's causing it and getting him over the novelty of that side of the arena.

I'm glad Cruiser seems to be doing better. I like your optimistic view that it was probably the tendon. I know what you mean worrying over older animals though. It's hard not to. :)

achieve1dream said...

LOL I didn't realize we had so much in common. :) I actually thought of tagging you for the award too, but it didn't show you on my follower gadget thingie and I thought that might be a bit unfair. Besides I tagged too many people anyway hehe. :)