Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cruiser Update

Well, I have been pretty quiet about Cruiser. The last few weeks, he wasn’t moving right whenever he trotted and had his head too high, and last week, he seemed lame. I decided to give him a little time off with just hand walking, and if he wasn’t better—and I fully expected he wouldn’t be, I would call the vet out. It was over the holidays, so I figured I would wait until after them to get the vet.

I don’t want to simply give him stall rest, as he is insulin resistant and exercise helps control the condition.

Yesterday, he was overflowing with energy as I led him. He couldn’t contain himself and kept trying to trot. Since I was going to check him at the trot and then call the vet today, I asked him to trot. He trotted perfect. I tried a few times, and he tried a few more times. He did fine. Now, I can’t get the vet out, because he’s not lame!

This happened last summer, and giving him a week off did the trick. I am going to continue his little vacation and see what happens. If the lameness comes back, I will get the vet out immediately before it goes away.

I should be happy he is better, but I really liked the idea of finding out what was wrong and letting it heal over the winter so he would be back on the trail in the spring. Now, I will have to guess the best course.

I certainly don’t mind if I can’t ride him much over the winter in the arena—I have Cole Train for that.

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achieve1dream said...

Coal Train. Hehehe cute!

Well I'm glad the lameness went away. No vet bill at least. Hopefully it won't come back and you won't have to worry over it again. Maybe he was just sore like we get sometimes. :)