Monday, January 31, 2011

House Cat Tip of the Month

House Cat Tip of the Month

Grass. Cats love grass, and indoor cats don’t have the access to it that outdoor cats do. I harvest the long stalks of Thunder’s favorite grass so he can have it all winter.
I used to just feed it to him by hand, but one day, I had an inspiration. He had one of those corrugated cardboard scratching pads that he no longer used. I took a bunch of the grass stalks and inserted them upright into the wholes of the cardboard. Now he has his own pasture to graze on. He loves sniffing around it; looking for just the right piece to nibble on.
I also created him a hanging garden by loosely bundling a few stalks and hanging them upside down on a piece of furniture. He enjoys that, too.
The dog will also graze in the pasture, but I’m not sure if it is because she likes to eat grass or if she only does it because she sees Thunder doing it. He doesn’t mind her eating his grass—maybe because he knows there is more in the closet.
Yes, Thunder is spoiled.

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achieve1dream said...

My dogs eat grass too. I had always though eating grass was to induce vomiting due to an upset stomach (in dogs, not sure about cats), but I learned that a long time ago so it could be outdated. Thunder does sound like a spoiled kitty. Lucky boy!! :D