Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Farrier Night

I got to the barn, and my farrier was already finished with Cruiser and working on Ranger. Cole was going nuts in his stall. I never saw him do anything like it. He was pawing, spinning and jumping all around. After 20 minutes or so, he settled down. I was a little worried how he would be for his trim,

He was the best he has ever been. The only thing he did wrong was try to eat the lead rope. I was very pleased.

Since my boyfriend was there to help with the feeding, and he got all the watering done while I was with the farrier, we had a lot of time to kill. (I’m not supposed to feed until 8:00.) I walked Cruiser for a half hour. I still had time, so I lounged Cole. I didn’t expect to be working with him, so I didn’t have any carrots. Instead, I used peppermints for his click treats. Well, I found out the Cole works harder for peppermints! He did have one bolt and rear episode, but he trotted out beautifully and with much enthusiasm. I guess I should always have a few peppermints with me for when he does something great.

Finally, it was nearly 8:00 and everyone left. Time to feed. We have 36 horses at our place, and they were all eagerly waiting.

It was about 30 degrees, and it seemed so warm, compared to what we had over the weekend. It was strange not to be cold. It is supposed to be manageable weather all week. I hate winter!

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achieve1dream said...

Yay Cole. I'm glad he did so well even after being silly in his stall. Sometimes boys just have to be goofy. :) Chrome loves sugar. I think it's his favorite, but I haven't tried peppermints. I should carry some too in case he does something really fantastic. :)