Monday, January 24, 2011

Morabs and Cold Weather just don't Mix

The wild Morabs were at it, again. Saturday morning, it was 3 below zero when I left the house. I don’t know what it was at the barn, but Cole made me sweat, just the same. I didn’t plan on riding, but in the end, I didn’t have any choice. He could barely contain his energy. What am I saying? He didn’t contain his energy.

Leading was extremely difficult, and lounging was near impossible. Bucks, rears and bolts. I did it anyway for 20 minutes. He was a little better when we finished.

Cruiser was feeling pretty good, too. I am still just hand walking him. When I started, we were alone in the arena. A few minutes later, all kinds of people were in and out with their horses. Cruiser was dancing and bucking all about. I decided to take him in, and my sister got her horse out, instead. He’s not a Morab, so she was able to hand walk him for a half hour with little trouble—in spite of 3 other horses being in the arena.

When she finished, things calmed down, and I finished Cruiser’s walk without any problem.

Sunday, it was much warmer—10 degrees above 0. I decided to lounge Cole first, and he was his old self. After 5 minutes, I brought him back to saddle up. I rode with my sister on her horse, and both of them were fine.

I led Cruiser, and he behaved beautifully.

I’m sure it was all due to the weather.

It is going up into the 20s, today, so the weather shouldn’t affect their behavior with the farrier. (I hope.) I am getting Cruiser’s shoes back on. I guess the vet is right and he needs the support for his tendon, after all. I will start riding him later this week and see how it goes.

The whole weekend was brutal. I don’t know how those people in Montana and other northern places do it. They predict 30s this week. What a relief.

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achieve1dream said...

Yeah I wouldn't be able to handle that kind of cold!! I can barely handle it when it gets into the teens here. Yick. Chrome was full of himself Sunday when it was cold and windy. Gotta warm up somehow right? :D