Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Quick Update

I suppose everyone is wondering why I haven’t posted much. Well, not much has been going on. We did have a 4-day weekend, but the weather didn’t cooperate. The river was too high to cross for green horses the whole time. We spent our time working with Dante on the hill. He has gotten quite good. On the furst day, I was riding him and we turned to go down the hill again. He did well for that, but when I asked him to go forward, he spun around—right into Ranger’s jaws of death. That is the last time he tried that move. It was classic.

On Sunday, we did cross with the big guys. We don’t like to push Dante on the borderline days. We did see a horse fall in this weekend. We were jut doing the hill, and we were surprised the woman crossed. Her horse fell, they parted and Ellen caught him. She was on foot and I was on Cole. It made us feel better that opted not to cross.

The previous weekend, we just did the easy ride twice. Ellen and Dante did great and it was so uneventful.

I have been taking Cole out with Kevin and Starry during the week. The rides have been fun, but they haven’t given me anything to write about. Last week, when my niece joined me, it was raining, so I had her work Dante in the arena. The rain quit, so I let her take Cole on the hill with Starry. Cole nearly launched her off when they tried to trot the first time—just because he thought he would be cute and start her with the “Show Trot.” After that, he was normal but fast. Once she got the hang of it, she liked it.

I think that sums everything up for the horses. At home, the veggie garden is doing well because of all the rain. Looks like I will be getting lots of tomatoes this year. I may have to learn how to make tomato sauce—I planted a lot of basil to go in it!

Tomorrow is Cruiser’s birthday. He would have been 27. I will celebrate it by giving Cole a big hug. I miss Cruise so much, but I sure am grateful I still have Cole.

Thunder’s birthday is coming up—I sense a cat party around the corner! Time to pick some fresh catnip!


achieve1dream said...

Hey not having anything to post about means uneventful rides and with horses uneventful is good hehe. Sorry the weather hasn't cooperated. The rain has been great for our tomatoes too. It will be nice to actually have some produce after the last few years where they failed to thrive.

Thanks for commenting on my post about Storm. It meant a lot to me. I guess I was lucky that I stayed so busy I wasn't able to think about her too much, but in the evening when things settled down again it was hard. I'm glad we have our other critters to comfort us. I hope you have perfect weather so you can have a great ride on Cole for Cruiser's birthday tomorrow.

Give Thunder some extra catnip for me! I would love to see pictures if you have a cat party for him hehehe! Happy early birthday Thunder!

Mariodacat said...

That's where you have been. I've been missing too, but it's because my human is falling down on her job.