Monday, June 9, 2014

A Dante-filled Weekend

A Dante-filled Weekend

My sister wasn’t sure what we should do on Saturday. There was a big event planned over in the new area that I wanted to venture, so that was out. We could go on the trail that I usually go on during the week, we could do what we have been doing or we could go up to the show ring. Ellen wasn’t sure what to do, so I happily suggested that I take Dante up to the show ring and she could ride Ranger. Ranger loves it up there, too, and we haven’t had a chance to bring him there. She agreed. Hurray! I get to ride Dante.

Dante had never been up to the show ring trails. It meant riding through the scary Lagoon trail, crossing the street and going up a very long and steep hill. To make it tougher, there is a deep rut going down the center of the hill from that huge rainstorm we had. Once on top, we were only going to go on the pretty back trail--not to the actual show ring. This trail is one of the best ones we have.

Now, we used to board Ranger, Mingo and Cruiser up there. Once we moved, whenever we would take any of them up there, they would get so excited. Ranger would get the most excited of them all. I knew that I would be on the easier horse, this time. Also, since Ranger is in his senior years, Ellen doesn’t ride him up the hill. She leads him to give him a break.

I planned to ride Dante up the hill—I really was going to have the easier ride.

The ride was just perfect. I rode the whole way, except for the river ford and down the hill. I dismounted, just in case. Dante was an angel. We did a lot of trotting, he was super going up the hill and nothing bothered him at all.

Ranger was all bouncy, he spooked and did some dancing. Ellen is so used to him, that she can just laugh at his antics.

One more thing off the list for Dante.

On Sunday, Ellen had to work. I decided I would take Dante on his first solo ride since Ellen took him last fall. I had him all saddled up—and it started to rain. Since it was a light rain, I decided to go, anyway.

I don’t think Dante cares much for rain, but at least he doesn’t get as upset as Cole. Earlier in the week, I took Cole on an identical ride in the rain, and he flew down the trail to get to the end—tossing his head because of the rain. When I turned around to go home, he was so intent on getting back that I couldn’t safely trot. We had to walk all the way home in the rain. At least he walked very fast. The first few times I tried to ride Cole in the rain, he had a temper tantrum and tried to spin and run home. He just hates it.

I was just going to take Dante on the short, easy ride. We went down the hill, crossed the river and started trotting. He was very excited and trotted a little faster than usual for a bit. There were a bunch of joggers coming our way, and one of them had a pit bull that looked like he wanted to have Dante for dinner. The owner was having trouble getting the dog under control, so I opted to walk quietly by instead of trot. I didn’t want the dog to go into chase mode. We passed them up—and Dante did a quick turn to the left to go back home. I kept him turning until he was going the right way. A few more joggers passed—and he did it again. A minute later, some more joggers went by—and he did it again! I do believe, he was trying to follow the joggers home. That time, I smacked him in the neck with the whip. One more went by, and he ignored him.

The rest of the ride went well. We mostly trotted, turned around and trotted about half of the way home. I was very pleased.

When I got back, I cleaned stalls and killed time—and it stopped raining for Cole’s ride.

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achieve1dream said...

I missed this post. Oops. It sounds like Dante is doing really great! The part about him trying to follow the hikers is hilarious!

When my sister and I used to ride out on the roads we would slow to a walk and get in single file when a vehicle would pass. Once the vehicle went by the one in the back would trot to get back alongside the other. Eventually our horses got to where they automatically trotted after the vehicles LOL!!! Goes to show you really are training every single second of every single ride hehe.