Monday, June 2, 2014

Ellen and Dante Progress

Ellen and Dante Progress

We spent both days this weekend doing exactly what we did last weekend—but better. Ellen and I took Dante and Cole—first the easy way—then passed up home and went the more challenging way—the Lagoon.

The easy way, of course, is easy. Even after all the damage from the storm, we still have a short section of trail that we can canter on. She tried on Saturday, but Dante wasn’t sure what she wanted. On Sunday, I took the lead with Cole at a trot. Since we like to canter there, Cole trotted very fast. That was all Dante needed. He quietly slipped into a canter and Ellen let him stay there. He was calm and balanced. When he got close to Cole, he dropped down to a trot. I remember the first month or so I cantered Cole in the park—he would buck and then race forward. Ellen has it so easy.

For the first time, she rode through the Lagoon. Since Ellen is no more nervous at a trot than a walk, on Saturday, we did 3 short stretches of trotting. Dante handled it well—just following Cole. When it came time to loop around towards home, Ellen chose to dismount before she got nervous. I am glad to say that he led home like a gentleman.

On Sunday, we trotted most of the Lagoon. She opted to stay in the saddle at the beginning of the loop. At the trail intersection that leads home or beyond, she chose beyond. Cole started to pout because he wanted to go home. Dante was excited and didn’t even want to stop when she tried a few minutes later. It won’t be long, now.

She turned him around and we headed towards home. She stayed in the saddle and Dante continued to behave. Once we got back into the Lagoon, we saw Kevin on Starry in the distance. We joined him, and we had a very pleasant and uneventful ride home. I think we conquered the Lagoon.

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