Monday, June 16, 2014

Product Review: Cole Train gets Some Bling

Product Review: Cole Train gets Some Bling

By now, most of you probably have figured out that Cole Train has aspirations to become a circus horse. I have taught him a few tricks—and he has taught himself a few—and he just loves performing them. Well, a circus horse needs bling!

Two Horse Tack contacted me to do a product review. They are a manufacturer right in Kentucky that makes bridles, halters, harnesses and miscellaneous items out of beta biothane—a synthetic material that is stronger and more durable than leather. They also have leather items, but that’s boring. The biothane comes in all sorts of colors that you can mix and match. They make your item custom—and it’s even affordable. The whole thing really seemed too good to be true.

Though I ride English, I am no stickler to tradition. I have used western bridles in the past, and I think they look great. Mingo’s best-fitting bridle was western. (He had a very broad head with a tiny nose.) It had shiny medal things on them—but they ended up rusting. (Two Horse Tack uses stainless steel—will not rust.) Besides, when I buy an English bridle, the first thing I do is take off the noseband.

So, when Two Horse Tack contacted me to do a product review, I decided to get Cole a western bridle with bling. I thought we would stay with the traditional black, but I chose dark pink rhinestones.

I love their website. It shows all different-colored horses with all different-colored tack. This is great for a person like me who is fashion challenged. I had trouble imagining what colors would look best on a black horse. (I know, everything is supposed to go with black, but these things aren’t easy for me.) I also got to see what would look nicest on a light chestnut like Dante or a dark chestnut like Ranger. The other awesome thing about the website is the way you can see the details of the product. All you do is rest your cursor in the spot you want to see, and it magnifies the picture. This was a great help for me because I could see just how the items were constructed.

I liked having selection, too. With the western bridle, I could get it without reins or purchase matching reins for an additional cost. Since I love my thick cotton reins, I didn’t need to buy reins. I have several sets of reins that have never been used because they came with a bridle I purchased. I was also able to choose whether I wanted to buckle, tie, screw or snap my bit in place. I took the snaps—I love snap bridles. I just hate fussing with things.

Ordering was easy. Now, the question was, will the bridle be as outstanding at the website? It was! I am very pleased with the quality. The biothane feels like well-oiled leather—much softer than Cruiser’s Wintec bridle. The stitching is perfect and the rhinestones are pretty! It fits beautifully on Cole Train. Everyone at the barn that I showed it to were very impressed with the quality of the material. They all commented on how much they liked the feel of it.

I tried to test it in the rain that very weekend, but it stopped raining as soon as I got outside. It guess that wasn’t a bad thing. I’m sure I will have plenty of opportunities to test it in inclement weather in the future.

Cole Train looks very handsome in his rhinestones, and seriously, doesn’t it look like leather? I am so happy with my bridle. When I get my baby horse, I know where I will be getting his new tack! I can even buy more browbands with different color rhinestones it I want some variety. I think Ellen should get Dante turquoise rhinestones…or maybe purple. I picture Starry in blue. I may even get my dog a new collar—but I will skip the rhinestones—she has too much fur—no one could even see them.

Right now, they are having a giveaway. You can sign up to win a trail halter bridle—and if you do, you will get a $10.00 coupon on your next purchase.


achieve1dream said...

I have been entering every single giveaway they have had trying to win something from them! I really, really, really want something from them, but I can't afford to buy anything right now since we are trying to finish our kitchen. Oh well maybe I'll win something someday.

Cole looks AWESOME!!!! I love the pink rhinestones!! I'm so happy to hear how much you like their products because I was a little worried about the biothane since I've never seen it or touched it before. I will have to put something from them (war bridle!!!!) on my wishlist for when I have some extra cash again. :)

Hannah said...

He looks great in it!