Tuesday, April 1, 2014

It just wasn’t right looking at Cruiser’s empty stall, so we moved Dante into it. It’s a better stall, anyway. Dante and Starry are now best buddies. They play with each other just as much as Cruiser and Starry used to. it was a good move.

We got an unexpected 6 inches of snow on Saturday night. The river was too high to cross, so we took Starry, Ranger and Cole on the hill. It was one of the prettiest snowfalls I have ever seen. Since it wasn’t that cold, it was the really heavy snow that sticks to all the branches. It was truly a winter wonderland, though the calendar said it was spring. Even more unusual—it was a clear blue sky. The sun was causing the snow to melt quickly, and we were getting pelleted by chunks of snow falling off the branches.

The picture shows Cole in the front and Ranger’s ear.

Yesterday, the river was still high because all of the snow had melted. I rode the hill with Kevin on Starry. We had a nice time. I then let Dante out to play while I cleaned up his stall. Once he got all his bucks out, I took him for a walk in the back of the property—and found out he still didn’t have all his bucks out. Turns out, every time we would go in a direction that he didn’t want to go, he would throw a temper tantrum. He basically just wanted to go back to the barn. I just held steady—sometimes circling him. in about 10 minutes, he was walking like a gentleman. We will work on this more later in the week.

Of course, I miss Cruiser, but I have to keep going forward. Cruiser believed in always going forward—as fast as allowed. I will take his advice.

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achieve1dream said...

It's so hard... it's been a month since Storm died and I still look sadly at her favorite places to sleep around my house that are empty now. It does get easier though and having Cole and the others I'm sure helps too.

I love that snow photo. How weird to have snow in April. I hope the river clears quickly so you can have some real trail rides. :)