Thursday, April 24, 2014

Cole’s First Solo Ride of the Year

Cole’s First Solo Ride of the Year

I don’t get to take Cole out by himself very often since I am usually riding with Kevin and Ellen. Well, Starry got his feet done, yesterday, so he had the day off. Cole and I were on our own.

It was a very chilly night, which put him in a speedy mood. Once we got across the river, we started trotting—only stopping when the trail got stony. Once we were warmed up, I asked for a canter, and he gave me such a lovely one. I could tell he felt good to stretch his legs out. We stopped, rounded a bend and went down a little hill and we were off again at a trot. We went around another bend and reached our favorite part of the trail for cantering—and we were off. it was so nice to not worry about Kevin keeping up. We flew to the next river crossing. We crossed, trotted a bit, walked up a steep trail and we were on the sewer plant trail.

Close to the beginning of the trail, there is a sharp corner to the right. It is the one place where I have a really good chance of getting the elusive right lead. He expects me to ask for it, and there have been times where he bucks on the transition from excitement. I do not let him canter here when we are with other horses—and we will carefully walk or trot. Since I was alone, I couldn’t resist the temptation.

We walked to the corner. He was impatiently trying to trot, but I was insistent that we stay at a walk. When we reached the corner, I asked for a bend, tapped his side and we were off!!!! He did give me the correct lead and with no bucking. In a few seconds, I saw the small log over the trail that we had been jumping. Since I have basically just started jumping logs with him in the last few weeks, I didn’t want to go over it at such a high speed. I asked him to trot, we approached the log and he popped right over it—going back into the canter. His excitement level was way up, so I bought him back to a trot.

There are 2 more logs on the trail, fairly close together. He trotted over the first and jumped the second. Now, he was really excited, so it was time to walk.

We went on to the next section of trail, called Flane. It is in the wide open and parallels the street—one only to be trotted or cantered on a quiet horse. We walked. He tried to trot, but I stuck to my guns and kept him walking. We got to the end, turned around and headed home. We did some trotting but mostly walking.

As we walked along the street heading home, who should I see at the end of the driveway? Dante! Kevin and Dante were practicing bus stop. They were watching the cars go by and Dante was being a perfect gentleman. We stopped to talk to them, and then left them there. Dante didn’t even mind the Cole walked away. Kevin just kept clicking and giving him carrots.

If Kevin can do it so easily, so can Ellen. This morning, she was out with him by herself. She almost made it to the end of the driveway. She then took him to the neighbor’s driveway and a car pulled in—but Dante didn’t care. They watched cars for a while and all he wanted was his carrots. This is a major breakthrough for Ellen! I am so proud of her.

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achieve1dream said...

That sounds like such a lovely ride!!! Cole is such an awesome horse and so pretty too! :D