Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bus Stop

I had a nice ride in the park with Cole, and I still had some time before sunset. It was time for another lesson in waiting for the bus. That is what I call standing at the end of the driveway; watching traffic. This was a good day for it because the roads were wet and that makes the cars sound much louder.

We were heading down the driveway just as Kevin was leaving. He had to get home to watch a basketball game, but he took the time to drive right up to Dante on his bad side. I clicked and started to give him carrots. He rolled down the passenger window and Dante stuck his nose in. Kevin gave him a carrot—and then Dante thought cars are really cool!

He drove down the driveway and we followed. Horses are always less afraid of something if they are following it. Kevin yelled out that when he lifted his hand out the window that he would honk. He did—and Dante didn’t care. He honked again and drove off.

We were left standing there, waiting for the cars. The louder noise didn’t bother him at all. I clicked for “head down” and quiet standing. We got bored and I brought him back. I let him out in the outside arena to play. I don’t think we will bother with Bus Stop any more.


Mariodacat said...

YAY - Another success story. I've always marveled at horses along the road that have a rider on them and how unafraid they seem. I see it probably takes lots of training before they are ready to do that. What a beautiful horse.

Judi said...

Some horses are very easy. Cole was pretty much ambivalent towards traffic from the start--though he can be a very spirited horse. Dante, on the other hand, is a quieter horse, but traffic really bothered him. I'm so glad he seems to be over it, now. He'll probably want to stick his nose in cars--looking for carrots.

Saiph A said...

Love it! You've such a great job conditioning Dante to like cars! So many people underestimate the power of clicker training in horses.

achieve1dream said...

Awesome!!!! I knew with persistence you could get Dante over his fear. :) You are so patient and positive with the horses. So awesome.

Chrome (so far) has been really great with traffic because for the first few years of his life two sides of his pasture were right by the road hehe. Lots of desensitization night and day. :)