Monday, April 28, 2014

Dante does it Again

I know everybody is waiting on the edge of their seats to see how we did with Dante this weekend. Well, at least Missy probably is.

I got to ride him on this weekend while Ellen rode Ranger. We led both horses down the hill. I hopped on Dante while Ellen took Ranger to the mounting block. Instead of waiting, I thought I would see what Dante would do if I didn’t tell him to do anything. he walked right down the river bank and stepped in the water! At that moment, I decided that it was time to try the next river crossing, too.

We walked and trotted to the next river crossing without any problems. When we got there, he tried to veer off to the other trail that leads to the street so he could cross on the ford. We had gone that way on the last few rides last fall because the river was too high. Obviously, he remembered and preferred that way. With a surprisingly amount of difficulty, I got him to turn around and head for the river.

The bank was very muddy—and he had protested about muddy conditions last year, but he quietly followed Ranger in without hesitation. Since he was never very good here, last year, we were so pleased with him! we rode on for another 10 minutes, and turned around to come home.

I was actually more concerned about him crossing on the way home than the way out. he wasn’t all that good there, last year. The bank is very steep and you land right in the water—and the mud is even worse here than on the other side. Cole even refused it the first time, this year. He hates that bank.

Dante just walked down slowly and carefully. He did better than Cole has all year. Then he crossed the river like a champ.

On Sunday, we did the same ride, and he was even better. I think Ellen may try riding him next weekend if the river is crossable—and then I will lose him. Sigh…

I did take Cole on great rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, too. I will have to get used to him being my only horse. Once Ellen starts riding Dante on the trail, it will be hard to get her off—except when we head on the scary trails on the other side of the park, but I don’t think they will be scary for long with Dante!


Mariodacat said...

YAY, we love success stories. I'm so happy you stopped by my blog because now we've found your blog. M loves horses - never had one, but loves them. Thank you for visiting my blog.

achieve1dream said...

Yay!!!!! What a happy post! Go Dante!!! :D