Monday, January 13, 2014

The Three Weirdest Things that have Ever Happened to Me

The Three Weirdest Things that have Ever Happened to Me

I am not making these up—they really happened. I know I wasn’t dreaming.

Strange Thing #1

I had only been driving a few years, and I wasn’t in the habit of wearing my seatbelt. My father never did, so it’s not like my family ever set a good example. It recently became the law of the state, so I did wear one when I remembered.

Anyway, I was pulling out of my driveway, and immediately, the thought popped into my head, “I should put on my seatbelt, because if I am ever going to get into a car accident, it will be today.” I slowed down and struggled to put my seatbelt on while my car was in motion. As I struggled, I watched in disbelief as an oncoming car came flying around the corner just up ahead of me. He hit the guardrail and bounced off it a couple of times. I stopped my car easily—since I was going to slow—and watched. The car finally spun around and went backwards into a ditch just 20 feet ahead of me. The man stopped, drove the car out of the ditch and went on his merry way.

If I hadn’t slowed down to put my seatbelt on, I would have been at the corner when he hit the guard rail and I would have been in an accident. I have worn a seatbelt ever since.

Strange Thing #2

A few years later, I went to Blockbuster Video to rent a movie. I picked out an Alfred Hitchcock—as I am a big fan. As I headed to my car, I was thinking of Hitchcock movies. I remembered the first one I ever saw, “The Birds.” They showed movies during lunch in Junior High, and this was one of their choices.

As I was thinking about how a town was besieged my attacking crows and seagulls, a seagull flew right up to me, stopped a few feet from my face and hovered there for a few seconds—looking me in the eyes—and then left. Fortunately, he was a gentle seagull and not like the ones in the movies. Since then, I have truly wondered if animals could pick up picture thoughts from us. Other than coincidence, there is no other explanation.

Strange Thing #3

I have a witness for this one. Kevin and I used to go sit in the park and have a snack after our evening rides. This goes back to the time when he used to ride my horse, Mingo, so it was quite a while ago.

We were eating at a picnic table in front of a field. It was probably about 9:30 at night. It was a really pretty night with a clear sky. I said, “This would be a perfect night to see a falling star.” To which Kevin replied, “Yes it would.”

The next moment, much to our amazement, here comes a lovely meteorite going across the sky right in front of us.

Anybody else have any strange things happen like this?


Dom said...

Love this entry! Thanks for sharing :)

I've had several things like this happen over the years. One that comes to mind... I was on a bus while in college. I was thinking to myself that buses are not very safe... with their lack of seat belts, etc. As I was thinking, "I would hate to get in an accident while on a bus," some woman ran a stop sign and plowed into the bus!!!

Allison B said...

Wow! That's some crazy stuff!

Saiph A said...

Loved this! I've had stuff like this happen throughout the years:

1. When I was 13, I was leaning against the railing of my grandfather's balcony. The balcony was wood and was suspended above a 20' rocky cliff. There was no one home that day (my grandfather's house was on our same property). I was just enjoying the view, my full weight against that railing, when the wood broke. I started to fall, head first, to the rocks below. And then someone grabbed me by the neck of the shirt and yanked me back. I immediately turned around to see who it was.

There was no one there.

2. When I started the long-distance relationship with my now-husband, I had a terrifying dream one night that he had been in a car accident. In the dream, his car had spun out of control and flipped into a ditch. Trying to not be the paranoid girlfriend, I didn't call him that day. He called me the next day.

He had been in a car accident. His car had spun out of control and flown backwards into a canal. A light post had saved the car from flipping. The car was completely destroyed, but Charles was, somehow, okay.

I take dreams a little more seriously now.

3. My mom has this wonderful hound mix that they adopted recently as a mature adult. He likes to ride in the front seat of the car when they go out, but there are laws on the island where you can get ticketed for having animals in the front seat. My mom was discussing this with my aunts one night at home. The dog gets such a joy out of riding in front that she didn't know how to make him go in the back instead.

The next day, Pepe, the dog, got in the front seat, and when my mom got into the driver's seat, he hopped into the back seat. For the first time ever, of his own volition.

Katie Isabella said...

Thank you SO much for coming to visit me. I am grateful for the visit and I hope you took time for some noms and a niptini. xo