Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Minus 17

Minus 17

That’s what my thermometer said it was this morning. That’s very cold for Northeast Ohio. I would have liked to hunker down and stay at home all day, yesterday, but life wouldn’t let me. I was scheduled to feed the horses at the stables yesterday evening. 30 horses were depending on me. I layered up and met Kevin out at the barn. We were the only people there—what a surprise. That did make it much easier.

I turned Dante out into the indoor arena while I cleaned his stall. He self exercised. I then turned Ranger out while I cleaned his stall. He rolled, bucked and then went to look for hay scraps—a typical Ranger turnout session. I then turned Cole out while I did his stall. He did a lot of self exercising. When I went to visit him, he parked out, did his silly walk and did more self exercising. He was in a particularly wild mood.

I then walked Cruiser in the indoor for a half hour. He was very rambunctious and walked very, very fast. He kept me quite warm. The wind outside was vicous, so whenever a strong gust hit the arena, he would bounce around.

I then let Starry out while I cleaned his stall and Cruiser’s. He didn’t do much, so I free lounged him for 10 minutes.

All during this time, Kevin was watering and heating up water to add to the buckets. Our little barn off to the side of the main barns is very cold, so we have heated water buckets. The rest of the horses do not, so they needed a little help.

I fed everyone their hay, and then Kevin and I rushed off to McDonalds to have something warm to drink. It really wasn’t bad inside, since we were out of the wind causing 50 below wind chills. I just hope I won’t have to do this again anytime soon. Besides, I didn’t get to ride.


RedSetter said...

Hi Judi, thank you so much for your comment on my blog. Yours is a great blog and I've loved coming over and reading through some of your previous entries.

I am so sorry to hear about your Dad and you wrote very movingly about how he inspired you in getting your new horse.

I also feel just like you regarding your cat. I adore both of mine but I call little Magic my 'heart's ease', which doesn't sound good when you say it, but she is balm when my heart is sore.

I'm going to look forward to coming by again and reading your posts.

Allison B said...

Cold is an understatement to the weather we have been having! Good thing it is supposed to get "warm" in the next few days.

Brian said...

The cold has been awful. We sure do hope that everyone gets unvortexed really soon.