Monday, January 13, 2014

Good News!

Good News!

My sister has been given permission from her doctor to go and live her life again! Her broken ankle is healed enough to ride. Saturday was the big day. She would start out with Ranger. I helped hold Ranger while she gently mounted from the mounting block. She walked and trotted him in the indoor arena for about a half hour. I was with her on Cruiser. It was so nice to share our ride together.

I rode her horse, Dante to start with. She didn’t want to overdo it on her first day—not being sure how much the ankle would handle. When I was done, I asked if she was ready to try him for a few minutes, too. She was. She rode him for a few minutes, too.

Come Sunday, she was ready to do all her own riding. She started out with Dante in the arena, while I rode Cole. After riding Dante for 7 weeks, it was nice to see what all my hard work produced. He was much more consistent, moved with longer strides and carried himself with more elegance. I could also see that his topline has improved with my riding. Poor Ellen, now she has to ride up to my standards. I know she is up to it.

The ice on the driveway had finally melted away, so we rode Cruiser and Cole around the little track on the property. They enjoyed the time together. Ranger wanted Cruiser to go in the lead several times—so he could barge past—making faces. Yes, things are getting back to normal.

I will now have a little more free time. Taking care of 4 horses was quite a challenge for me, but with the help of Kevin and later Ellen with the other chores, I somehow managed.

What will I do with my extra time? It will be Thunder time!!!

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