Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The Cold Cramps our Style

There hasn’t been much going on here, due to the weather. It did warm up into the teens on the weekend, so Ellen and I were able to ride in the indoor arena. Cole is getting more consistent with keeping his pretty trot and he hardly goes above the bit at all. His contact is light and he keeps a very steady tempo. His circles are very round, too.

Other than that, I have continued to teach Cole to free lounge, and he keeps getting better. He definitely knows what I want, but he can’t resist the temptation of kicking up his heels and dashing across the arena at a gallop. I just tell him, “no clicks for you,” and ask him to do it the right way. He usually does—and then he gets clicked.

The weather is going to turnaround, so hopefully, I will get back to regular riding, soon.

Ellen has been working with Dante and the mounting block. When I had him, I just mounted from the ground—which Ellen could do except for her ankle. He likes to step away when she wants to mount. Today, she didn’t plan to ride because it was below zero when she was there, so they worked on the mounting block. First, she clicked him for standing and used the command “stand.” Then she moved away, and if he stood, he got clicked. She then moved further away. Then she brought him to the block and asked him to “stand.” She worked up to standing by his withers on the mounting block and scratching his withers. He got lots of “good boys” and hugs and carrots.

Spring seems so far away...

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