Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Update on the weekend

The picture is of Dante, but the post is about the rest of the horses.  I rode Cole with Kevin on Starry on Friday evening.  It was very chilly, but the horses behaved.  Kevin likes to ride with us, because it wakes sleepy Starry up.  When we got back, we did chores and then rushed to his house to watch some episodes of "The Office" that he rented.  We love that show.

Saturday gave us a perfect morning for riding.  Ellen and I went out for an hour and a quarter with Cole and Ranger.  These guys get along quite well because Cole is so respectful of Ranger.  We put Range in the lead, and Cole will match his speed rather than pass--after all, Ranger might put his ear back or snarl. 

We wanted to do a repeat on Sunday, but there was a light rain.  It wasn't too cold, so we decided to ride--but we would go a half hour one way, pass home and go a half hour the other way.  This way, if it started to rain hard, we wouldn't be too far from home.

The first half went well, but the wind started to pick up on the second half.  We went the direction that we hadn't gone yet this year.  Ranger got very hyper on the way out, because that trail leads towards an old barn he used to live at.  He loved that place, and years later, gets excited when he thinks he is going back.  Cole didn't get hyper until we turned to go home.  That's when Ranger pouts.  We ended up leading on the way back because we got cold.  We mounted to cross the river right before the barn, of course.

Monday, it was back to work for us.  I rode Cole with Kevin and Starry.  For whatever reason, Starry was feeling silly, and he gave Kevin some trouble, so Kevin didn't want to canter.  Sigh.  I don't canter with Ranger anymore, so I didn't get much cantering in, lately.  Maybe tomorrow.

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achieve1dream said...

I do that too when the weather is bad. Riding a short way in both directions so I'm close to home lol. :)

Sounds like some pretty good rides. :D