Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Squirrel Wars

I have been feeding the squirrel and any birds who might stop by on the front patio—just outside the of the cat tower. Thunder has become obsessed with hunting. He waits patiently for his friends to show up, and then he crouches down and intensely chatters at them. He gets so excited, and he is so cute to watch.

But we now have a new problem. Maggie, aka Dumb Dog, has learned that when Thunder starts to chatter that there is something to see. She runs to the window and starts barking and carrying on. This gets Thunder very upset. At first, he would run away, but lately, he scampers down the tower to the shelf that is the same height as Maggie’s head and gives her the one-two-three with the paws. I think he has all claws out.

The spot that she likes to stand is a narrow area between my chair and the tower. The only way she can get away is to go backwards—very fast.

This morning, he was walking toward his tower and he saw Maggie in her spot, looking out of his window. He let out the “Maggie go away” meow, and she flew backwards out of her spot. He wasn’t even close to her.

In the morning, I have had to leave the house earlier than normal because Thunder gets so upset with her. I’m afraid he is going to scratch her eye when he attacks her. I lock her up in her room with her Kong wobbler so Thunder can do his hunting in peace.

Thunder no longer minds when I go to work. He is busy hunting.

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achieve1dream said...

I'm so glad Thunder isn't scared of Maggie now. :D