Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Long Holiday Weekend of Riding

Long Holiday Weekend of Riding

My sister and I were off on Friday, but I still ended up riding by myself. The street where we keep our horses is under construction, and her horse just cannot deal with construction equipment. He melts down. Cole is all right, so I took him on a solo ride. It was the first time I asked him to canter this spring, and it went well. we went further than we have been going. When we got to the trail that he hasn’t been on since last fall, he got very excited and we had stick to a walk. We walked all the way home, too. We did meet my sister on foot and walked with her, too. It was a really pretty day to be out.

When we got back, we went out to lunch and then waited for the vet to come out for spring shots and to examine Cruiser’s lameness. The bad news about his suspensory ligament was tempered by an excellent report on his breathing. The horse that was laboring on each breath a few months ago, didn’t even have a single wheeze. The vet said she used to hear a little wheezing before he even got his bad cough. The hay cubes are working!

Saturday, there was no construction, so my sister and I got to ride Cole and Ranger together. We had a wonderful time and the horses behaved well. We did some trotting without any difficulties. I am starting to think that all the problems we used to have in the spring were caused by Cruiser.

Sunday, the horses were lethargic. It is probably because it was very warm and they still have a lot of winter coat.

It was cool on Monday—actually cold. I rode in the evening after work with my boyfriend on Starry. Cole was perky, but behaved absolutely perfect. We did a lot of trotting—and even a little on the way home. Starry was difficult a few times—trying to canter. Next time, we probably will.

It is so awesome to get on the trail on a regular basis. We will be riding a little further and a little faster each time.

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achieve1dream said...

Sounds lovely! I can't wait until I can start trail riding again. I miss it. Keep enjoying your rides!!